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Swamped by Idols

January 21, 2024 Pastor: Dr. David Lorenz Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 17:16–34

In the United States, our Constitution prohibits the Government from establishing a religion. We call that “separation of church and state.” In Ancient Greece, this concept would be completely foreign. Pericles, the great philosopher, military leader, politician, and orator, is best known for one thing. He was the mastermind behind the construction of the Acropolis in Athens… the home of the gods. Some 500 years later, Paul would stand in the shadow of this great architectural wonder and proclaim the truth about God while surrounded by a city filled with idols. Ironically, even the great evangelist Paul got laughed at for suggesting there is one true God, and his son, Jesus, died and rose again. We may be in the minority in our beliefs, but our call to declare the truth about Jesus is never-ending.

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