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Children's Day

Children’s Day is a weekday program for toddlers

(12 months) thru pre-K. 

*Please note, tuition is due by the 1st of each month.  Please use the Pay Online button to pay your tuition online.*

Pay Online button

For information on registration for the 2023-24 school year please call 346-385-9292.

Documents for Enrollment:
Admission Information
Discipline & Guidance
FARE Allergy Action Plan
Fee Chart
Letter of Intent
Physician Statement with Vision & Hearing

Regular school year information:

The child must be twelve months old by September 1st of current school year to attend.

We currently meet each Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and a third day, for 2s, 3s, and Pre-K (4’s), on Wednesdays. We meet for 34 weeks during the regular school year.

It is strongly recommended that three-year-old and four-year-old students attend regularly to take full advantage of our learning program and get them ready for kindergarten. You may choose between two or three days a week but 3 days is highly recommended for Pre-K to ensure students do not miss out on any curriculum. 

Children coming into the three-year-old and older classrooms should be toilet trained. Toilet trained is defined as a child being able to tell a teacher that they need to use the toilet, and that they can use the toilet with minimal assistance from the teacher. These classrooms do not have changing tables and accidents lead to sanitation concerns.


Enrollment for the fall semester begins in January for families already attending the program and church members. Open registration begins the first Tuesday in March (March 7, 2023) and continues until classes are full. Parents must complete an admission information form and pay the registration and curriculum fees in order to secure a spot in the Children's Day program. Curriculum & registration fees must be paid by cash, check, or online.  You may pay the monthly tuition online by credit card by following the “pay online” link. Parents will be notified in writing if any policy is changed during the school year.

· A current copy of the child’s immunization record is required before school starts along with the medical form signed by the child’s physician. 

· Any child who is enrolled and is four will need a vision and hearing test which is required by the state. 

· Students with allergies must provide an allergy action plan from the doctor for each allergy listed.

The director will be available before school, after school and through phone calls to assist any parent who has questions concerning enrollment and the policies and procedures at Children’s Day. Parents can come and observe their child’s class anytime, but they must let the director know they are in the building and sign in at the check-in desk.

Children's Day Federal Tax ID number: 76-0078919. 


Safety underlies everything we do with children here at First Baptist Friendswood. For the safety of your children and our staff, all doors to the buildings are locked at 9:45 am and do not open again until 1:15 pm. If you should need to enter the school while the doors are locked, there is a doorbell to ring and someone will come to greet you.  Each child is signed in by their parent/person dropping off the child. No one is allowed to pick up your child unless they are on your registration information.

Parent Information

Texas Health and Human Services Child Care Licensing mandates that Children's Day post required documentation for parents to have access to. Please click the link below to see said documentation. 

Click HERE to download the 2023-24 Handbook
Click HERE for Calendar of 2023-24 Important Dates
Click HERE for Keeping Children Safe
Click HERE for Attention Parents
Click HERE for Texas Health & Human Services Renewal Application Acceptance
Click HERE for Texas Health & Human Services Child Care License
Click HERE for Texas Health & Human Services Child Care Inspection Form
Click HERE for Friendswood Fire Marshall Certificate 


Nan Weimer Children's Day Director (1)
Nan Weimer
Children's Day Director



Nan Weimer Children's Day Director (2)
Andrea Davidson
Children's Day Assistant Director