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A Gift Given to Us

December 19, 2021 Pastor: Dr. David Lorenz Series: Unto Us

Passage: John 3:16

Just about every year, I attend a Christmas party where “white elephant” gifts are exchanged. The origin story of this gift is that the King of Siam (Thailand) gave a rare, albino elephant to those who displeased him. The elephants were considered sacred, so they were not used for work, but they were extremely costly to maintain. The result would be financial ruin for the recipient. I doubt the old VHS tape, scary clown photo, or sea monkeys you got at a party caused you financial hardship, but it may have caused you to think twice before you picked that beautifully wrapped package at the next party. Well, as we attend parties and celebrate with friends and family, may we constantly be reminded that the greatest gift given to each of us is Jesus, the light of the world.

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