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Student Small Groups

Small Groups 2023-24Small Groups is an environment where students will be with 4-6 peers and a leader. These same gender groups will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings on our church campus. These groups are a beautiful biblical tool for students who want to go deeper in their faith. Life is messy and many times, one cannot ask some of the tough questions in a large group for a number of reasons. However, in a Small Group, students will have the opportunity to develop a trusting and safe environment where these questions can be asked and answered. Along with celebrating what God is doing in their lives, students will hold each other accountable, encourage each other to memorize Scripture, read God’s word, and pray over each other as they will be trying to live out their faith in the coming week. 

These groups will look much like the early church that we see at the end of Acts 2.

Along with being an amazing environment for students to grow in their faith, it will also serve as a model for them to be disciple makers among their peers, that they begin leading them to Christ and walking with them in their journey with Him.

This environment is open to all 7th-12th graders and we encourage all students that follow Christ and want to go deeper to jump in and see what God has for them this year.

For more information email Matt Parker, Next Gen Minister:

or Naria Gutierrez, Student Ministry Assistant:

or Sydney Johnson, Student Intern: