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The Best Influencer In The Bible

May 26, 2019 Series: Influencers

Topic: Influencers Passage: Mark 5:21–43

Many of us attempt to keep our personal and work calendars up to date so we can stay organized. Some do better than others when “interruptions” or changes to our plans happen that are out of our control. It is easy to get frustrated or even angry when people or things keep us from doing what we NEED to do. Sunday, we are going to take a look at a moment in the life of the best influencer in the Bible, Jesus. We will see how He handles an “important interruption”. May we get a glimpse of how Jesus made time for the outcast, the one that most avoid, and see how the “interruptions” in our schedules could actually be God allowing us an opportunity to look like Him, love the least, and accomplish the most effective and profound thing you do all day.

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