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Sunday School/Connect Groups

9:30 Adult Classes
Parents of Children & Teens - Dustin Claiborne/Tony Garcia, Building B-212
Median Adults - Josh & Amy Fritts, Building B-216
Empty Nesters - Burch Estes, Building B-210
All Ages - Chris Yee, Building B-200
All Ages Women - Margaret Timme/Tracie Shields, Building B-207
Single Mom's Class - Leigh McGhee, Building B-209

11:00 Adult Classes

All Ages Women - Arlene Taylor, Building B-211/213
All Ages Women - Brenda Boyd, Building B-207
Parents of Children - Brad Waller, Building B-202
Median Adults - Dwane Ruiz, Building B-209
Family Bible Study - Brian Shelley, Building B-205
Senior Adult Men - Dee Beale, Building B-201
Senior Adult Men - Milton Windler, Building B-206/208
All Ages - Ed Feith & Charles Vaughn, Building B-200
All Ages - Norma Culpepper, Building B-212
Senior Adults - Ritchie Spurger, Building B-216
Senior Adults - Barry Christen, Fellowship Hall

Opportunities for CHILDREN

Opportunities for STUDENTS