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Serve is our local mission opportunity for all students completed 7-12th grade during the 2019-20 school year. Our students will be given an opportunity to experience what it is like to take seriously the words of Jesus and love our neighbors well.

This year we are doing 2 mornings at Houston Food Bank

Students will be given the unique opportunity to see the needs of other and help meet those needs that are right here in the Houston area knowing that ultimately all of our greatest need is the Hope of Jesus. This is a great event for students to make new friends, learn about serving others and put into practice loving our neighbors!

Arrive at the church by 6:30am. Bring $$ for lunch. Space limited each day


All students must have a 2019-20 Pulse Medical Release and copy of current insurance card on file.


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Click HERE for 2019-20 Pulse Medical Release Form