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Prepare The Way

Our Mission

For over 60 years, First Baptist Friendswood has been sharing the great story of finding a full life in Jesus. As we celebrate God’s faithfulness through the years, we look to the future and the journey we will take together!

Our mission is to lead people to experience the fullness of life in Christ.

We are experiencing the full life. And, though it is not perfect or complete yet, we are on our way. As we follow Him together, we experience His life more and more. That is what the full life looks like: expanding, growing, serving, loving. We will never be done. We want you, your family and your neighbors to join us on this journey toward the fullness of life in Christ. It is right here.

Now, as we enter this part of our journey, we know that God’s vision for First Baptist Friendswood is to be sent out so that we may see transformation come to our families, our neighbors and our communities!

God's Vision for First Baptist Friendswood

Over the next seven years we will prepare and send disciple-making missionaries who strengthen families, love neighbors, and transform communities with the gospel.

To see this vision of sending disciple-making missionaries into our families, neighborhoods and communities, we must:  

See the magnitude of need in our communities 

  • 167,000 people live in our defined, reachable area and 133,000 of these neighbors claim no faith (75%). 
  • Though median income is high and our families are “successful,” brokenness lies just behind your neighbor’s closed door.  
  • We are ideally located at the intersection of three counties and several cities. 

Minister to your neighbor

Our communities are filled with nicely manicured lawns, comfortable homes, and financial resources, but beyond that façade there are people who need the love of Christ. 

  • Walk your neighborhood and pray for each home. 
  • Meet some neighbors: Interact with them on their turf. 
  • Drop by: borrow some eggs, lend a tool. 
  • Invite your neighbor over for coffee, dessert or the ball game: be a good neighbor. 
  • Have a gospel conversation with them. Help them see real, full, and lasting life is available through Jesus. 

What are we doing in Phase 1?

Creating a space for your neighbors.  

  • New parking lot: We will add 54 parking spaces, a new entrance and new signage along S. Friendswood Dr. 


  • The Commons: A new gathering space that creates an obvious front door to our church and provides a place for members and guests to connect with one another and our church family. 

The Commons

  • Worship Center Extension: We will extend the current church foyer to create a larger, more inviting and modern entrance to our worship center. 

WC extension-1

  • Worship Center Improvements: To enhance our worship experience and prepare for future renovations, we will install new flooring, purchase new chairs, and paint the interior. Through these changes, our capacity will increase by 100 people and provide an updated look to our worship center.



Phase 1 approximate cost: $4.5 million.

Our prayer is that you would catch the vision that God has given us. We want you to pray that God would use you to carry out this vision. And, we want your family to pray about your involvement in the “Prepare the Way” campaign. We trust that God will lead you to give sacrificially beyond the tithe toward this God-sized vision.


Next Steps

Your financial commitment to “Prepare The Way” should be based on meaningful spiritual reflection on how God is leading you to invest in the vision of the church. In this season, take the time to…

  1. Pray — Seek God’s guidance, asking Him to renew your heart for the church and for your neighbors, and to lead your decisions.
  2. Listen — As you read through the materials and listen to the messages, which aspects of “Prepare The Way” resonate with your spirit? What do you sense God saying to you about your walk with Him, about stewardship, and about your relationship to your church?
  3. Discuss — Talk to your spouse and/or family members to see how God is confirming your commitment. Talk to trusted friends and leaders at First Baptist Friendswood to learn from their stewardship journeys.
  4. Consider — What is your capability and potential for giving? Think beyond your current income. Do you have non-income assets that could be gifted? Is there a sacrifice the Lord might be calling you to make?
  5. Commit — Develop a personal/family giving plan — weekly, monthly, annually, one-time, or a combination of these — for three years that will enable you to reach your giving goals.

Giving Guide

Each of us can give more than we think is possible by giving over a three-year period. Let’s say you decide to give $7,500 towards Prepare the Way. That breaks down to:

  • $2,500 per year
  • $208 per month
  • $48 per week

Think about this...

  • The average American spends $766 a year on coffee.
  • The average American family spends $200 a month eating out.
  • The average American family spends $235 a month on entertainment.

Additional Ways to Give

  • Appreciated Asset Giving is giving by transferring assets such as stocks, bonds, artwork, donor-advised funds, or real estate to the church.
  • Redirected Expenditures occur when funds can be directed toward God’s work as other financial obligations are fulfilled during the campaign. These might include tuition payments, car loans, etc.
  • Personal Property Gifts are the giving of a home, vacation home, commercial property, or land.
  • Bequests are giving by naming First Baptist Friendswood as a beneficiary in a will.

Tax rules are complex, so please be sure to consult your tax professional and the church business office for specific advice with regard to your situation.

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