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Listening Well

September 11, 2022 Pastor: Dr. David Lorenz Series: 1 Samuel

Passage: 1 Samuel 3:1–10

Harvard professor Arthur Brooks said this about the great composer, Beethoven, “It seems a mystery that Beethoven became more original and brilliant as a composer in inverse proportion to his ability to hear. Deafness freed Beethoven as a composer because he no longer had society’s soundtrack in his ears.” Beethoven gradually went deaf from age 30 to 45. However, he wrote his Ninth Symphony, a genre altering piece (incorporating voices into classical music), after he lost his hearing. He had to listen differently to achieve greatness. How is your hearing?


As we look back on a tragic day in our country’s history, we remember the sacrifice so many made to save lives and how so many helped us move forward with resolve. I remember where I was 21 years ago. I was praying then and continue to pray for our nation.

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