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July 3, 2022 Pastor: Dr. David Lorenz Series: Hosea

Passage: Hosea 1:10– 2:4

Kids are resilient. They can find a way to survive. Remember in 2018 when the boys’ soccer team in Thailand was trapped for 17 days in a cave. They survived 9 days without food. In 1961, an 11-year-old girl whose family was murdered on pleasure boat in the Bahamas survived four days at sea with no food or water. She lived to testify against the captain who had murdered her family. For Hosea, his children had to be resilient. Their mother was unfaithful to them and to their dad. Sometimes it takes resilience to see the promise of God come to fruition.

Our staff wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July. We count it a blessing to live in a country full of freedoms. It is an even greater blessing to live as citizens of the Kingdom – free in Christ!

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