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Disciple-Making Missionaries

September 29, 2019 Pastor: Dr. David Lorenz Series: Life Together: Vision

Topic: Vision Passage: Matthew 4:19, Matthew 28:18–20

When I was a child, our family had some friends who owned a motel in Rockport, TX. We would travel down about once a month to go fishing (my dad was an avid fisherman). Every night, we would walk out onto the long pier and fish under the lights. One night, everyone had been catching fish but me. I was ready to go back to the room, then all of a sudden, a good-sized flounder bit the bait, got hooked and jerked the line. I almost dropped the rod, but managed to keep him on the line and reel in this “monster” of a fish. Fishing requires patience, focus, strength, determination and a little bit of skill. I didn’t need a fishing lesson that night, I needed to keep fishing! That’s a truth for all of us.

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