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February 17, 2019 Pastor: David Lorenz Series: Re:Turn

Topic: Salvation Passage: Romans 10:9–11

Have you ever had your belief in someone or something destroyed? I remember as a young baseball player how good our little league team was. I thought we would "win it all!" But, in the championship game, we lost in the last inning, 10-9. We were devastated. My hopes dashed. In ministry, I have put my trust in other pastors and lay leaders - many times they go above and beyond to confirm that trust. However, on occasion, there have been a few who have turned against me, dropped the ball in their responsibilities, or just given up. Trust (or belief) is a powerful concept. It can create great joy, but when it's lost, it results in great heartache. I am thankful that when I place my trust in Jesus, I will never fail; never be shamed.

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