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Drifting? Return to Jesus Christ, Creator and King!

January 13, 2019 Pastor: Jonathan Smith Series: Re:Turn

Topic: Doctrines, THEOLOGY LESSONS Passage: Colossians 1:15–19

Have you ever drifted in the surf at the beach? Before you know it, you can be way down the shoreline, and even somewhat lost. I drift. My mind drifts. My heart drifts. If left unchecked, and without constant repentance, drifting can lead to disobedience and even rebellion. The same it true for you. Most often when we drift away from Christ, it takes someone else to even help us see we have drifted.

Re/Turn is the name of the first sermon series of the year. In this series, multiple pastors here at FBCF will be preaching on Jesus Christ as the Great Cornerstone. We will be encouraging you to evaluate if you have drifted away, in some area of life, to empty wells and puny gods. By God’s grace, we will work together to encourage one another to return, to repent, should we discover we have drifted. Together, we are praying the power of the Holy Spirit will lead you back to the sure foundation of Christ and away from the ever-changing shifting sand of this world.

Drifted? Re/Turn. Re/Pent. Christ will receive you as He continues to build your life on His sure foundation.

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