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If you have the gift of singing, playing an instrument, serving on a technical team, public speaking or any other gift that might be used to glorify God in our worship services, please let us know! We would love to explore the possibility of you joining our Worship Ministry.

We have a handful of places to serve within the Worship Ministry!

The Choir

For special events, the choir will help lead worship. Our choir comprises singers from nearly every generation, from high schoolers to senior adults. The choir learns and presents both presentational and congregational music in traditional and contemporary styles to promote versatility.  

The Orchestra

Our orchestra comprises players from high school band students to senior adults. The orchestra may accompany the choir during special events, 

The Band

The band comprises players of all ages and, using chord charts and rhythm charts, leads both traditional and contemporary music for both the 9:30 & 11:00 AM services. Because the entire worship team (including choir, orchestra and vocal team) relies upon the band for a solid foundation rhythmically, in-ear monitoring systems with click/cue tracks are used in every service. The band includes guitars, drums, piano, and, on occasion, guest instruments such as trumpets or strings. Band members must demonstrate a strong sense of rhythm (playing to a metronome), competency on their instrument that allows them to move freely between chords and a love for both modern and traditional worship songs. 

The Vocal Team

This team of frontline vocalists and worship leaders rehearse separately from the choir and focus on contemporary vocalizing techniques and congregational engagement. Vocal Team members must possess a special level of talent for vocal harmonization by ear and a level of on-stage confidence that allows them to thrive out front on their own. 

The Technical Team

From operating lyric slides to mixing audio, lighting and being an online live stream service host, the technical team members are the wizards behind the curtain that equips the on-stage leaders to lead confidently and effectively. Technical team members are competent and quick on their toes; able to identify issues and resolve them quickly. Knowing the on-stage team is relying on them, they can compartmentalize and stay focused on their task rather than becoming preoccupied or distracted watching the service.

Chemistry over Competency

More important than musical competency is chemistry. The Worship Ministry is not just a collective of musicians whose highest aim is musical excellence. The Worship Ministry is a family of brothers and sisters in Christ whose highest aim is spiritual growth in the Lord and relational growth with one another. Music serves us as we seek these values. We don't serve the music. While we certainly set a high bar in our rehearsal times and expect to bring our very best musically each week, we place the highest value on our relationships with one another because excellent musical worship flows from excellent spiritual relationships with the Lord and with one another. We seek opportunities to be together both on and off-campus, at dinners, concerts and city events. During rehearsal, we seek opportunities to pray for one another to lighten the load as we bear one another's burdens.

If you are ready to grow in your relationship with the Lord and other gifted believers, then the Worship Ministry may be just the place for you! Please e-mail Lou Ann Richards for more information.