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Collide 2021

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January 15-17, 2021 

Freedom is a commonly known and used word in our American culture, especially within the Christian community. We throw phrases out like "walk in freedom" and "freedom in Christ', while many followers of Christ do not walk in freedom or understand the gravity and richness of the freedom found only in Jesus.  

Join us January 15-17, 2021 at Collide as we walk through this year’s theme, “Freedom” lead by speaker Stephen Myers and worship leader Kenny Klinglesmith. 

Together, we will better understand what we are freed from, who we are freed by, and what we are freed to. Our heart is that students and leaders will walk away understanding the rich and profound freedom they have in Christ and how to live in that freedom daily. 

Just as last year, we will be combining with other churches for our Collide weekend retreat. Due to COVID-19, we will not be hosting all the participating churches at one location, but are using two locations (Bay Area Church and First Baptist Friendswood). The locations will share the same theme and direction for the weekend but each will have their own unique worship leader and speaker. Each participating church will be responsible for their own students, group leaders, and transportation. While our First Baptist Friendswood students will not be able to socially distance completely from each other during the weekend (outside recreation time), our students will be socially distanced from the students from other churches in the main sessions as well as during the recreation time. We will also not be utilizing host homes this year, but there will still be the rest of the normal elements that make up a Collide weekend experience. Instead of going to host homes, students will be picked up and go to their own homes each night. On Friday evening, we will have an optional late night activity, Broomball at Bellarive Ice Rink in Houston. There will be church provided transportation or parents are welcome to drive their own students. Students will not be allowed to drive themselves. A waiver for broomball is required and is at the bottom of this page along with the other waivers. 

Saturday REC games at Centennial Park will have church transportation provided to the park, but not once the activity is over. Everyone will need to be picked up from Centennial at 2:30 pm when REC is completed or by 3:30 pm if students staying for optional free time. 

Students will find out their family groups and schedule on Wednesday, January 13th, 6 pm, in the FLC. The weekend will conclude following the 11 am service on Sunday, January 17th. 

Registration: $60 if registered and paid by January 3rd
Late Registration: After January 3rd will be based upon space available and Collide t-shirt not guaranteed. 

Refunds will be available for any student not allowed into Collide due to failing some portion of the check-in procedures.

Required: A 2020-21 Student Ministry Medical Release Form will be required as well as a COVID waiver and symptoms check. 

COVID PROTOCOLS: Subject to change and are based on decisions made through a collaborative effort of our church staff and medical advisory team. Collide 2021 will use the mask and social distancing protocols that are in effect at the time of the event for the location site attended. 

Click HERE to read our COVID protocols

Click HERE to register and pay online

Click HERE for the Student Medical Release Form

Click HERE for the COVID Waiver

Click HERE for the COVID Symptom Check 

Click HERE for the Bellarive Ice Rink Waiver

Click HERE for info on what to bring and not bring for the weekend.

Click HERE for a schedule for the weekend.